Of irons, fire, and plastic toys

I can't see the forest for the trees...oh wait, yeah I can, when I sit still long enough...
Hey, I can't see the forest for all these trees!

I’ve not posted in a few days, but I’ve been a busy bee plotting and planning and conjuring up new things. I’m planning a couple of “events” for the blog (more on that this week), making some digital downloads to give away on the blog, making some to sell on Etsy, designing a holiday card for Geek Bliss, and I’m planning to enjoy tonight’s new moon with a lovely ritual about new beginnings, of which I have several happening. Today I am also celebrating my one year anniversary as a member of the QBee, I’m developing my own pixel site (finally!), I’m sad that I missed a high school reunion this past weekend but am already planning to see everyone next summer, I’m upping my NaNo wordcount, and I’m art-ing for Art Every Day Month.


I’m also super excited to go see New Moon this coming weekend! And even better, I’ll be going with my new Traveling Jacob doll in tow (birthday present from roommate). Traveling Jake will be replacing Traveling Edward, since he’s made of burly, manly plastic:


But oh no! Traveling Edward can’t take it! His scrawny, emo plastic self is so tortured!

Ok, ok, Eddie. I’ll bring you along this weekend, too. But just be prepared for the better man to win. In my fantasy world, Jacob always gets the girl! But we’ll still let you come out to play, since you get so pouty about things.

(To see what else Traveling Edward has gotten up to, check out the full page o’ silliness.)

With all of my projects taking place on the computer, I’ve been trying to get my butt away from said computer at least once a day, either by walking or yoga or puttering in the yard. Yesterday I got out for a walk…


And got to see a friend…


It was a great way to relax. Oh yeah, another project I’m working on is ways to promote “sacred relaxation.” More on that later.

When I write all this out, I almost overwhelm myself, but I actually thrive with so many irons in the fire…


So there aren’t any irons in this fire, but I did have sticks in it. My roommate and I toasted marshmallows the other night, enjoying the awesome cool weather…

marshmallowWhich is another awesome way to kick back.

And with that, I’ve got to go make sure Traveling Edward has stopped pouting, bust Jacob out of his packaging prison, write some more, go get outside for a bit, and then relax. Hope your day was magical!

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  1. Cyberdelia says:

    Hahaha no worries, Carol! Glad Traveling Edward could give you a laugh, though. :)

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