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In non-geek bliss (because I do have my non-geek side), yesterday I received a nice stack of mint-condition ICON magazines that I’d gotten off of eBay. ICON is the official Madonna fanclub magazine, and I’d not had any issues, but I am now the proud owner of 19 of ’em! I’d like to eventually collect all of them, if I can find them. (Ok, I said this was about my non-geek side, but then I talk fanclub mags…ah, well…;-) ) These issues are gorgeous and in perfect condition…I’m going to love going through them all. I can’t wait until Madonna’s next tour…hopefully this summer! I plan to see her hopefully more than once (have NEVER seen her in concert!) and at at least one show, I want to have *really* good seats. Yeah, I’m gonna start saving up now, because decent tickets will cost a mint. But last year I got to see Duran Duran for the first time (and they better go on tour again!) as well as Billy Idol, and the only other 80s icon I desperately want to see in concert is Madonna. Can’t wait!

I’m also going to be a QVC-er today! I have recently discovered the magic that Alexis Vogel works with makeup, and she has a new eye kit coming out today on QVC. Must have! Alexis is credited with creating Pam Anderson’s smokey-eye-pale-lips look, and it’s a hot look for going out. Going to learn how to do it! While I’ve been exploring Alexis products and techniques, I came across a *great* MAC how-to & info site, and as I’ve been wanting to try MAC stuff for a long time now, the info site has me almost frothing at the mouth to get my hands on a few MAC items. From MAC I’ve found two Smashbox items I simply must have, and thanks to the diet Coke “Reward Yourself” promotion that’s been going on for months now, I’ve got a $25 gift certificate that I plan to use on one of the pricey Smashbox items. Oy, nothing like a new higher-end makeup fetish to break the wallet, although considering the hauls some people do with MAC, my planned buys seem meager in comparison.

Hmmm, makeup and Sci Fi Friday. Lovely combo! :-D

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