Oh no! Lauren of Lauren’s Bite has made her awesome blog invite-only! *sobs* Lauren, if you ever see this, can I have an invite? Pretty please? I miss reading that blog…it was so frakking funny. One of the best Twilight blogs around. So sad she felt the need to protect it! She must have been inundated with jerks. That sucks.

I didn’t realize until recently that she is the one who started the travels-with-Edward-action-figure craze (if you can call it a craze). Awesomespice!* So therefore the Sisterhood of the Traveling Vamps bows to her as our vamp mother! *bows* Her Pocket Edward created all our Traveling Edwards…so our STV is a little vamp family like the Cullens…hahaha. But wait…does this mean that somewhere there are Pocket Volturis?! Oh noes!

Just wait til the Jacob action figure comes out. I’m ditching Traveling Edward for a Traveling Jacob.

*the addition of “-spice” to any adjective is Lauren’s thing. It’s brilliant. I’m trying to get my friends to say it, but they keep looking at me all weird, like I am lamespice or something…

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